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Story of Ball

I like playing basketbal because #BALLISLIFE. The Lakers are gonna be the 2016-2017 CHAMPS. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead :). Uncle Drew took a $#!+ all over Curry in the final seconds of game 7 of the finals. LeBron is a little baby, cuz all day he flopping and his favorite teammates are the refs. Whatever happens, just think of ball, it is the cure to everything, even cancer :)

To be a great baller

1)Sleep ball
2)Eat ball
3)Drink ball
4)Think and Do ball
class schedule

period 0) AP US History Ms.Monarcky
period 1) Spanish 3 Mrs.Bonilla
period 2) Physics Mr.Dwyer
period 3) Math 5 Ms.Cook
period 4) Computer Science Mr.Borad
period 5) English 3 Mrs.Davidson